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Share Deposits

  • Members can use share deposits as collateral for loans
  • Holders may withdraw funds from this account with a written request to the Board of Directors, giving at least 3 months’ notice
  • Upon termination of membership, all savings along with interest, less any indebtedness will be given to the members
  • Interest is paid on share deposit; The annual rate is determined by the Board of Directors

Qualifying Shares

A person must buy shares to become a member or owner of the SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. Subsequently, a member must hold a minimum of 60 shares ($300) to become eligible for full benefits.

Health Insurance

All members of the SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union are eligible to enroll in our KUTMED Health Insurance Plan. In addition, eligible members may also insure their dependents.


The SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union takes great pleasure and pride in recognizing students who have excelled in their performance at the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) examination.

Bursary Awards

The SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union awards members with a Bursary Award, subsequently pursuing their tertiary education.

Death Benefit Grant

The SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union provides members with a Death Benefit Grant, in addition to the Life Savings and loan protection coverage from CUNA Mutual Insurance Society.

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Covid-19 Update 😷

Management recognizes the need to maintain a healthy environment for our staff and members in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

All persons visiting our offices are therefore required to wear a mask when doing so.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.