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Become a member of the SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union and be eligible to receive from our benefits and services such as scholarships, flexible saving plans, mobile & online banking, death benefit plans and much more.

Qualifying Shares

A person must buy shares to become a member or owner of the SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union Ltd. Subsequently, a member must hold a minimum of 60 shares ($300) to become eligible for full benefits.

Share Deposits

  • Members can use share deposits as collateral for loans
  • Holders may withdraw funds from this account with a written request to the Board of Directors, giving at least 3 months’ notice
  • Upon termination of membership, all savings along with interest, less any indebtedness will be given to the members
  • Interest is paid on share deposit; The annual rate is determined by the Board of Directors


The SVG Teachers Co-operative Credit Union members have options to open various types of account including Single, Joint and Business type accounts.

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