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Physics 13-15



1. acquire technical and scientific vocabulary;
2. develop the ability to apply an understanding of the principles and concepts involved in Physics
to situations which may or may not be familiar;
3. appreciate the contributions of some of the outstanding regional and international scientists to
the development of Physics;
4. develop critical thinking and problem solving skills;
5. plan, design and perform experiments to test theories and hypotheses;
CXC 22/G/SYLL 13 2
6. collect and represent data in an acceptable form;
7. report accurately and concisely;
8. develop the ability to appraise information critically, identify patterns, cause and effect,
stability and change, and evaluate ideas;
9. develop the ability to work independently and collaboratively with others when necessary;
10. appreciate the significance and limitations of science in relation to social and economic
11. develop an awareness of the applications of scientific knowledge and a concern about the
consequences of such applications, particularly the impact on the environment;
12. integrate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools and skills.

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