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Sunsong 2


1992,Pamela Mordecai&Grace Gordon,SHELF 9A

The anthology Sunsong (Book 2) contains a mixture of poems from across the Caribbean and from other parts of the world. The selection is varied, challenging and enjoyable. It includes rhythmic poems for choral orchestration, story poems for humour and entertainment, as well as poems for serious thought. Poems have been specifically chosen to cover a range of experiences and cater for the interests of both adolescent girls and boys. Each volume includes:Questions to accompany each poemLavish illustration designed to act as a stimulus for further writingMany questions and comments to introduce students to the use of poetic devices.Suggestions for follow up activitiesA wide choice of poets, each with a brief biographyThe poems are graded and become progressively more difficult but the accompanying notes and questions provide the necessary guidance to interpretation and understanding.

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