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Practical Chemistry For Csec


Norman Lambert, Maohammed (Heinemann) 1987

Practical Chemistry for CSEC is a unique practice book for CSEC. It provides a wealth of revision exercises, and a guide to all the detailed experimental work covered in the CSEC Chemistry syllabuses.

Section A contains practical guidance for teachers and classes performing the experiments that accompany the CSEC course. Using only equipment commonly available in schools, there are instructions for over 60 demonstrations and classroom experiments, illustrations to show how equipment is set up, and suggestions for discussion, further work and written tests.

Section B comprises 62 exercises of testing structural questions and essay questions to provide students with revision and practice for Paper 2, Parts A and B.

Section C contains objective questions for exam practice, with hundreds of completely new questions that cover the entire range of subjects and difficulties encountered in Paper 1 of the CSEC Chemistry examination.

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