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Carlong Principles Of Accounts for CSEC


2011,John Tracey&James Chan

  • Objectives and an overview are featured at the start of each section in the book.
  • Guides to the Key Content of each syllabus section.
  • Take Care! section which lists weaknesses that examiners find in students responses to examination questions.
  • Applying the Concepts feature giving opportunities to convert the theory to real-life examples of the use of accounts.
  • Numerous illustrations that demonstrate the principles of accounting and meet the requirements of the CSEC examinations.
  • Sensitization to the use of computers in accounting and accounting software
  • A list of accounting terms frequently used in the CSEC examination.
  • General guidelines on preparing for the Principles of Accounts examination.
  • Detailed and systematic guide to writing CSEC SBA projects. The SBA project outline demonstrates what is expected.
  • Careful headings and helpful annotations enhance understanding.
  • Comprehensive index/glossary of key terms provides quick references and definitions.
  • Avenues for practice and evaluation through practice exercises.
  • Visual material such as tables, illustrations and photos throughout the text help to demonstrate the principles of accounting.

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