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The SAVER: SVGTCCU Ltd. Newsletter

A message from the Vice-President – Bro. Cecil Charles

Greetings, Brothers and Sisters in Co-operative. Indeed, the year 2020 is and will be an unforgettable year. We have seen the worst plague during our lifetime, which has left over a million deaths and millions infected. We have also witnessed the worst economic decline since the great  depression, which resulted in millions losing their jobs. This can be further  extended, where thousands have lost their homes during these crises.

Additionally, we are faced with the most active hurricane  season in decades, if not in history. All of these affect us in one way or the other, but hope is not lost. As a Credit Union, we stand resolute with our members and we are constantly seeking and  implementing new initiatives to assist our  members during this time of crisis.

As a result of job losses and re-structuring, many of our members have realized a reduction in income and the  ability to adequately meet their  obligations. The TCCU, having been mindful of such financial burdens on you the members, have provided the opportunity to re-structure your loan to make it affordable and in some cases granted moratorium on loans to our members, just to name a few. Indeed, this is in keeping with our philosophy “that every member has special value”.

As a Credit Union we are proud of you, our valued members and wish to express our gratitude for your commitment to the organization. As we strive to make TCCU, the Premier Non-Banking Financial Institution in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, we all have a role to play. Let’s seize every opportunity to make TCCU stronger and better. While as a Board and Management, we are seeking innovative ways to ease your financial burdens, you can assist with our membership drive. Remember, the stronger the membership, the stronger the asset base and the better we are able to meet your needs.

I also challenge you in these difficult times to be prudent. Differentiate between your wants and your needs and thus spend wisely. We must continue to be vigilant, because the future is uncertain. Therefore, brothers and  sisters the old adage still stands true “Save some for the rainy day”. I also urge you to plan so that you can make informed decisions.

Yes, the road ahead is long and at times the challenges seem   insurmountable, but together we can weather the storm. Let us therefore collectively use our talents and graces for the betterment of TCCU. Together we will stand but divided we will fall. I urge you, my brothers and sisters to seize every     opportunity during this time of crisis to enhance your life and contribute to the growth and  development of this noble organization.

I thank you.

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