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June 2020 SAVER

Post Series: Saver June 2020
  • 1.June 2020 SAVER
Sis. Miriam Roache

Brother and Sisters, colleagues, This issue of the “Saver” is published at a very unusual and difficult time when social and economic challenges are exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic that is now adversely affecting all mankind. At first Covid 19 appeared to be a not too dangerous threat allowing for complacency and indifference.

Now it is real. Confirmed cases worldwide have increased exponentially together with fatalities that have not been seen before. While there is much, we still do not understand about Covid 19, the experience of many countries is enough to create fear and unprecedented unease. It is frightening to think that by a mere chance encounter one can become exposed to this virus and die from it.

Here in our beloved country the confirmed cases are creeping slowly upwards creating for some cause for concern. For others, there is still indifference, disinterest and complacency. It may be that until someone dies from the virus or something drastic happens as a result of irresponsible behaviour that this pandemic will get the serious reaction and attention that it deserves. This is not the experience we wish to have as the human and economic costs may be more than we can manage. Even though the possibility of exposure is daunting members still have to conduct regular business but the pandemic has caused us to redefine how we treat our members.

As a consequence, SVGTCCU has put measures in place to allow for the continuation of business with as minimal disruption as possible.
The Board of Directors urges you to be cautious and entreat you to make concerted efforts to act responsibly while conducting business transactions, especially at your Credit Union. Do not become a skeptic or assume that you are removed from this scourge. It is risky to ignore the prescribed hygienic practices repeatedly encouraged by the Worlds Heath Organization and our own Ministry of Health and the Environment.

SVGTCCU needs you to stay safe and consider the safety of others; staff, volunteers, members and other stakeholders. Know that one confirmed case in our work environment can set off widespread isolation and or quarantine for staff and members with whom the infected person has come into contact. Consider the impact such a scenario can have on our Credit Union.

For our staff and members with pre-existing conditions exposure to this virus could be fatal. We urge you to act responsibly to keep all of us safe. At SVGTCCU we have made it imperative to adhere to prescribed hygienic practices. We insist on social or physical distancing, sanitization and the wearing of masks. Help us to stay safe and to keep others safe.
To ignore caution is to risk lives. Let us work together to beat this pandemic. KEEP IT OUT OF OUR SPACES.

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Covid-19 Update 😷

Management recognizes the need to maintain a healthy environment for our staff and members in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

All persons visiting our offices are therefore required to wear a mask when doing so.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.