Youth Movement

    Our Objective

    • Increase and extend the membership of the Credit Union.
    • Register and sustain members between the age ranges 15-21 years as the future of the Credit Union.
    • Promote the idea of volunteerism by facilitating a functional steering committee among the youths.
    • Integrate members of the youth movement into the Credit Union by participation in various activities.
    • To provide a visible and direct link between the school Co-operatives and the Credit Union
    • To use the youth movement as the catalyst for the development of the Face Book account.
    • Through the Marketing and Development Department, promote the Credit Union among their peers.

    Who we are

    The SVGTCCU Youth Group is structured to develop and prepare leaders and persons of influence. This is being done via various social activities, workshops, conferences, group interaction and volunteer work through the Credit Union. The group meets every other Saturday at the main office in Kingstown. You can become a member by downloading and filling out this form. You will need your parents permission before becoming a member.


    Our motto is 'Youths, making a way for the future'.



    Join our Facebook Group and get live updates about our activities and events.