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SVGTCCU hosts Dinner & Awards Ceremony

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In it's annual dinner and awards ceremony held at the Aquatic Club,members of staff and long standing board members were recognized for their contribution of service given.



Retiring board members being awarded for the years of service.

Bro Dwight Lewis

Bro. Dwight Lewis has been actively involved in Credit Union activities from the year 2005 to 2015.
During this time he served on the Education Committee where he functioned as the Chairperson of this Committee from 2005 to 2008.
His stewardship was very commendable. As a result he was later elevated to the Board by the general membership in 2009. Mr. Lewis later became the President of the Organization in 2011. He served in this capacity with distinction bringing to the table a level of fairness, firmness and a touch of humour, until his retirement in 2015.We are all currently benefiting from a number of initiatives which were introduced during his tenure.
Mr. Lewis, the Teachers’ Cooperative is very thankful for the years of service that you have given the organization. Undoubtedly, we would never ever be able to repay you for your years of service. You went beyond the call of duty and for that we are grateful.
The organization wishes you all the best in your future endeavours.  
The pleasure is mine to present Mr. Dwight Lewis our Immediate Past President.
President from 2011-2015
Chairperson of Education Committee 2005-2008
Board of Directors: 2009 - 2015
Stint from 2005-2015
Bro Dunstan Johnson
Mr. Dunstan Johnson served the Teachers Co-operative Credit Union Ltd during the years 2005 to 2015.
He served as a member of the Education Committee during the period 2005- 2008.
Later he was elected to the Board of Directors in 2009 where he served until his retirement. Mr. Johnson as we know was a hardliner when it came to issues and in no uncertain made his opinion known, always indicating ‘let the minutes reflect’. He was known for his humour in the Board room and his signature laugh which was very infectious.. 
Mr. Johnson the Credit Union wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
2005 – 2015
Education Committee: 2005 – 2008
Board of Directors: 2009 – 2015
Bro Ron Clarke
Mr. Ron Clarke began giving service to this organization in 2009.  His first assignment was as a member of the Education Committee.  He served on this committee until 2010.
His next stint was serving on the Credit Committee from 2010.  He served on this committee for five years and became the Chair of the committee in …… He was very passionate about his assignment and always ensured that members’ requests were honoured and that the Organization did not face any adverse consequences as a result of the decision/s made. ‘As long as they have the capacity to pay, we good.’  ‘Recheck that estimate; something not right there.’  ‘How is that person going to live after? Let’s call them in for a chat.’
Mr. Clarke, we thank you for your sterling contribution and wish you all the best.
Chairperson of Credit Committee: 2012 -2015
Education Committee: 2009 - 2010
Credit Committee: 2010 – 2015
Bro Glasley Lewis
Mr. Glasley Lewis an integral part of the Teachers Cooperative Credit Union Ltd for the past sixteen years spanning from 1998 to 2015. 
His initial assignment was as a member of the Education Committee and this lasted until 2001.
Later he became a member of the Supervisory and Compliance Committee in 2003, and became its Chairperson in 2005, a position he held for the next ten years up to the point of his retirement.
As the Chair of the Supervisory and Compliance Committee Mr. Lewis took his assignment seriously, becoming the watchdog of operations. He was affectionately called ‘Mr. Pearls Ratio’ by the All Committee, for without a doubt you know that Mr. Lewis was going to ask a question or make a comment on this. Though controversial at times he knew when he was beaten.  However, he will say to us ‘I will remind you all of this decision’. Thank God the All Committee was right.
Mr. Glasley Lewis made a sterling contribution, one that no amount of money can repay, so we salute you Mr. Lewis and wish you all the best ahead.
Started 1998 -2015
Education Committee: 1998 – 2001
Supervisory Committee: 2003-2015
Chairman of Supervisory Committee: 2005-2015 
Bro Elroy Boucher
Mr. Elroy Boucher served as a member of the Education Committee for four years. His stint began in 2011 and came to end in 2015.
Member of the Education Committee 2011 - 2015
Miss Cametha John joined the Education Committee in 2011 and functioned until 2015.  She performed the role of secretary for one year and was part of the secretariat for AGM. 




 Long standing employees of SVGTCCU being awarded for their long years of service given to the organization:



Celebrating twenty (20) years





Celebrating ten (10) years.