Special Deposits


Fixed Deposits

  • A fixed sum is deposited for a specified period
  • Allows investors to earns higher returns on funds
  • Minimum Savings (Deposit) $4000.00
  • Period- One (1) years. (Subject to roll-over)
  • Interest rate 2.5% per annum. (The amount of deposit accepted and interest rate will be reviewed annually)

Bonus Deposits

This is an ordinary Savings Account Members, as well as non-members, can use this account (including organizations). It allows users to deposit or withdraw from the account as they wish. It does not entitle users to any credit from the organization but savings can be used as collateral for loans. It also facilitates the collection of salaries and payment of bills through Payroll Deduction and Standing Orders. Interest is paid at 2.5% per annum on the minimum quarterly balance.


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