Revolving Loans


It’s not a Credit Card. It just gives you all the benefits without the high interest rates!

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The Revolving Credit Loan(RCL) Is designed to make cash available to you at your convenience. Once the initial credit amount (say $50000.00) has been granted, you can have access to that ($5000.00) continuously. The amount is placed in your account for you to use however, and whenever you desire.

To top up your account, no additional loan application is required. Just complete the “top up” form (as shown in sample) and submit it at the front desk. The requested amount will be transferred to your account once all conditions are met. For example, if you borrowed $5000.00 and have repaid $1000.00 of the principal, you can “top up” $1000.00 as easy as 1 2 3.

Funds can be used for anything:

  • Insurance
  • Medical
  • Travel
  • Stereo & TV
  • Utility bills
  • Books
  • Christmas Barrel


  • A regular supply of cash for all your needs
  • You get up to $5000.00 for any need.
  • You can top-up om you $5000.00 without reapplying.
  • Minimum monthly repayment of on $150.00
  • It's revolving loan is not a credit card service.
  • The convenience of all these benefits without the high interest rates!!!


  • SVGTCCU member (Requirement: $300.00 qualifying shares, $25.00 Death Benefit, $5.00 entrance fee.
  • Permanent employment for at least 2 years
  • Payroll deduction or salary assignment
  • Monthly savings of $50.00
  • Documents: Last payment slip/ proof of physical and mailing address/National ID or Passport/Employment letter stating salary and length of employment.

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