With over 25 years of experience in Senior Management positions in St Vincent, Mr. Jimmie Forde, who is currently CEO of Coreas Distribution Ltd, served as President of SVG Teachers Cooperative Credit Union from 2018 to 2019. As a member of SVGTCCU since 1983, Mr. Forde has served on the Education Committee and on the Board of Directors before being elected President in 2018. While serving as President the Credit Union was able to achieve these note worthy accomplishments with his guidance:

    • Establishing a Branch in Canouan
    • Increasing assets (18% Growth in total assets)
    • Expanding Loan Portfolio, due to the Vehicle Loan Special
    • Registering (Largest registration) new members
    • Facilitating sale of Lands at Cedars – Phase 2
    • Improving compliance with the FSA’s regulations and requirements
    • Successfully assisted the Credit Union to maintain financial stability
    • Improving management structure & personnel services


    • Served from 2016-2018.
    • 56% increase in savings under the Retirement Savings plan in 2016.
    • Retirement of long standing members of staff Br. Julian Jack (former CEO) and Sis. Earna Bobb (from the Barrouallie Branch).
    • Reduced mortgage rate to 6.75% on new mortgages as at January 2017.
    • Launch of SVGTCCU’s online services “Access 365” on June 1st, 2017.
    • Appointment of new CEO Sis. Jasmine Huggins-Daly on October 1st, 2017.
    • Launch of the ATM in December 2018.
    • Extension of Management Staff to include H.R. Manager, compliance Officer and Internal Auditor.
    • Continue to minimize the delinquency rate (4.50%) to be below the PEARLS acceptable standard of 5%.
    • Completed the infrastructure development work on phase two of the Cedars Project in December 2017.


    • Served from 2015-2016.
    • Mr. Charles has been a long serving member on various credit union committees in varying different capacities.
    • November 1989-2002----Credit Committee
    • member Chairman of the Credit Committee for 11 years
    • Vice President of the Board---2002-2006
    • Chairman of the Credit Committee---2006-2008
    • Vice President of the Board---2008-2015


    • Served from 2011 - 2015
    • Opening of our Headquarters October 30th 2011
    • By law in 2011, all persons under the age of 16years were transferred to Junior Savers.
    • Junior Savers were no longer eligible to be part of the Death Benefit Plan.
    • Assets totaling over 80 million in 2012.
    • Opening of Union Island Branch March 1st 2012.
    • Changes in the distribution of the SAVER from hard copy to soft copy via the internet/Website in 2012.
    • Participation and support for the International Year of Co-operatives, IYC 2012.
    • Joined with other Co-operatives to establish COMFI in 2012.


    • Served from 2009-2011
    • The coming on stream of the ECCCL Ltd with the first meeting held on 24th August, 2009.
    • Salary increase and reduced interest rates were offered to employees in 2009.
    • The AGM Transportation Refund was discontinued as at May 19th, 2010.
    • Provided financial and other assistance to members affected by ‘Tomas’ via the Disaster Relief Fund.
    • The ‘Practical Completion’ of the Headquarters was achieved in 2010.
    • The SVGTCCU developed a Micro Financing Product in 2010.
    • In October of 2010, new members were sensitized about the Credit Union via a luncheon.
    • Development of youth movement on February 26th 2011.
    • Payment of dividend of 10%, highest rate then since inception.
    • Hiring of Guardsman to transfer funds.



    • Served from 2004-2009
    • Cash back initiative introduced in 2004. During the first year $16, 632 was refunded to borrowers.
    • October 29th 2005, five staff members were recognized for long service along with Errol Belgraves for 25 years of service.
    • In 2005, five Staff members were recognized for long service along with Errol Belgraves for 25years of service.
    • December 2005 was the beginning of the extended office hours to include Saturdays (9:00 am – 11:30 am)
    • SVUTCCU started operations at the Teachers Business Complex in 2006.
    • The Retirement Saving Plan was introduced by the SVUTCCU in 2006.
    • Largest membership increase within one year in 2007 (1408)
    • Commencement of the KUTMED group health insurance
    • The Resolution for the introduction of Permanent Shares was passed at a special meeting on December 18th, 2008. This became effective as at December 31st, 2008.
    • The opening of the Bequia Branch April 12th 2009


    • Served from 2000-2004
    • The introduction of the Bursary program in 2000.
    • The main services were first detailed on brochures in 2000 (Savings/Loans/Death benefit grant)
    • Supplemental Benefit Plan (SBP) for staff members became effective on January 1st 2001.
    • Purchased the Cambridge building in 2001.
    • In 2001, an Agency was established in Canouan with collections being done by Sis. Jane Farrell.
    • Retirement savings plan 2002 may 29th/launched in October 2002.
    • Launching of SVUT/ECHMB mortgage loan facility 2002.
    • Extension of the common bond in January 2004 to include all Vincentians home and abroad.
    • 25th anniversary celebrations in 2003 under the theme “To us 25 is more than a number.”



    • 1994-2000
    • Purchase of Nutmeg Grove Lands (18 acres) $650,000 1995
    • Disaster relief fund 1995
    • First members interaction day held on October 18th,1996
    • Extension of the scholarship awards to include tertiary education in 1996
    • KUTMED medical plan commenced on December 1st 1997
    • The CUMIS computer system was purchased in 1997 in anticipation of computerizing the accounts of the society.
    • In 1997, 650 loan applications were approved at a value of $ 3,427,614.00
    • Extension of the common bond to include extended relatives of members in 1998
    • Quote: “We therefore must address our minds to establish usage of Credit Cards, Automatic Teller Machines and the Internet”. Errol Belgraves….20th AGM 1997
    • “Its time The Credit Union establish its own website for marketing”. Education Committee ..1999, 22nd AGM


    • 1982-1994
    • Longest serving president to date (12 years)
    • On April 11th, 1985, the spouses and children of members of the teaching profession were allowed to join.
    • The introduction of the Christmas Savings Plan 1985
    • The SVUTCCU ltd Volley Ball Team won the Firms Knockout Championship in 1985 and 1986.
    • The introduction of the scholarship awards.
    • Rebate on loans was successfully voted into the operation on in 1987. Thanks in part to Cecil ‘Pa’ Jack.
    • The first resolution to extend the common bond to include all Teachers in 1988 was not successful.
    • In 1989, 06th April, the bond was extended to include brothers, sisters, mother and father of members.
    • Purchase of the Olive’s Hotel property in 1990. The President noted then, “The real value of the property in a few years will more than justify its purchase”. This is the current location of our Headquarters.
    • The Manager’s report after the 12th AGM in 1990, was intertwined with the Board’s report according to the Bye Laws.
    • On April 11th, 1991 at the 13th AGM, a resolution was passed to give incentives/awards to the workers of SVUTCCU.
    • The SAVER was first revamped in 1991 and published in the form of a magazine with illustrations and advertisements. Copies were sold for $2.00 each.
    • Mr. Marlon Stephenson was approved as the first Development Officer in January of 1992.
    • The school supplies savings plan had its origin in 1992.
    • The SVUTCCU relocated to the Teachers Credit Union House, Paul’s Avenue, on April 15th 1992.
    • Start of the supplies outlet in 1993
    • Purchase Winpy’s building in 1994 (2.1m EC)
    • Macmillan agents
    • Quotes: “Development is about people. If they are neglected in a mad rush for ‘growth’ and the material manifestations of western technology which are possessed by a few, we may find ourselves in a glass house which would one day be shattered by the anger and hate of the hungry. There can be no genuine development without peace and there can be no peace without development.” Cecil B. Williams….10th April, 1986
    • “Two very important criteria for judging the level of development in a country are the extent to which the people participate in the decision process, and there control and ownership of resources.” Cecil ‘Blazer’ Williams….12th AGM, April 9th, 1990


    • 1979 – 1982
    • Two of the very first appointments to the Society were Mr. Parnell Campbell as Solicitor and Council and Mr. Calvert Samuel as Accountant.
    • The Motto adopted was ‘Each one bring one monthly’.
    • A Constitution Committee was formed to discuss and recommend possible amendments to the constitution.
    • On April 21st 1979, the SVUTCCU applied to the League for membership and was accepted on August 7th, 1979.
    • At the inaugural AGM on February 3rd, 1979, the membership stood at eighty eight (88).
    • Sis. Yvonne pushed the maxim, “One for all and all for one”
    • Pursued and Established Cuna Insurance via the League.
    • Cut the ribbon to officially open the new Headquarters in Kingstown, October 30th, 2011.
    • Quote: “The start of a Credit Union is a big achievement for the St.Vincent Union of Teachers. With the present economic situation given the continual sky-rocketing of the cost of living, the Credit Union can be the answer to many of our financial problems”. Sis Y.F. Gibson….Inaugural AGM February 3rd, 1979